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Jossie Opals
Australian Opal
Jossie Opals
Australian opal
Jossie Opals
Jossie Opals
Jossie Opals
Lightning Ridge Opal
Jossie Opals
Australian Opal

Natural Solid Polished Opal From Lightning Ridge with Green Yellow Blue Colors.

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Australian Solid Natural Opal display Green Yellow Blue Color Fires.

Opal Type : Solid Australian Light Opal
Carat Weight : 2.82 ct
Size : 7.73 mm x 10.40 mm approx
Thickness : 6.03 mm
Color : Green Yellow Blue
Shape : Pear
Cut : High Dome Cabochon 
Clarity : Translucent
Brightness B1 - B5 : B3.5
B1:Faint    B2:Dull    B3:Bright    B4:Very Bright    B5:Brilliant

Body Tone N1-N9 : N7 Light Opal
N1-N4:Black Opal    N5-N6:Dark Opal    N7-N9:Light Opal

Treatment : NONE
Origin : Lightning Ridge Opal Field, NSW Australia.